4 Simple Ways To Thank Friends & Family For Helping You Move

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You know what the worst thing about buying a pickup truck is? All of your friends suddenly seem to be ready to move.

That’s often how friends and family with pickup trucks feel, anyway. But hopefully, those friends and family members are ready to pitch in when you need to move to a new apartment.

You need to make sure they feel that their time and effort was truly appreciated. How should you thank them? Try one or all of the following simple, effective ways to say ‘thanks’:

Feed Them & Feed Them Well

Your friends and family will most likely turn down cash, but who can turn down good food? It can be as simple as pizza. After a long day of moving your furniture and box after heavy box, a good couple slices of pizza makes everything right with the world. If they don’t like pizza (and who doesn’t), most pizza places provide other options! Try these top Troy, NY pizza joints out:

Testo’s Restaurant & Pizza
853 4th Ave, Troy, NY 12182-2005
(518) 235-0444

Big Apple Pizzeria  
108 14th St, Troy, NY 12180
(518) 271-4444

Chris’s Pizzeria  
786 Pawling Ave, Troy, NY 12180
(518) 283-6411

Give a Gift Card

Moving into a new apartment can be time-consuming. To say thanks with a gift card, remember this: you don’t have to go all out. A $10 meaningful gift card you pick up quickly says a lot. For example, these can be super meaningful and appreciated:

– Stewarts
– Dunkin’ Donuts
– Gas Card (if your friends use their own gas to help you move, pay for that on top of a gift card)
– Amazon
– iTunes
– Google Play

Offer to Pay Them Back in the Future

Just as kids like to give their parents ‘coupons’ for extra chores, don’t forget that gesture as an adult. And this time? Make good on it, not like when you were a kid and conveniently ‘forgot’ to rake the yard (living here at Stoneledge, you can go ahead and forget about raking leaves, we’ll take care of it!).

Give your friends a ‘free pass’ to ask for your help in the future, in return for the help they just gave you.

Make it a Contest

Pool all the money you might have spent on individual gifts and make it one big, great gift. Bring some fun and excitement into moving (is that possible?). Let your friends and family know that if they help, they’ll be entered into a drawing to win:

– An Amazon Fire Tablet (for approximately $50)
– An American Express Prepaid Credit Card ($50-$100 is perfectly acceptable)
– Apple TV or Roku
– Any other high value gift card to a location your friends and family will be able to shop or dine at

Whatever way of saying thank you that you choose, make sure you still feed everyone!

Saying thanks is a big part of preserving relationships. With a little effort and a little money, you can show your appreciation to everyone that has helped you settle into your new apartment! Moving isn’t easy and it’s rarely fun, so make it worth their time and always be as available as possible to repay the effort that goes into moving your belongings into your new place at Stoneledge Terrace!