5 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Dinner in Your New Apartment

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If you’ve moved into a new apartment, you probably want to show off your place during the winter holidays! After all, this festive time of year is definitely a great time to invite friends and family over for a special holiday dinner that shows off your new dwelling.

To help you host the ideal holiday dinner in your new apartment, we’ve created a practical quick guide.

1. Create More Floor Space
The furniture arrangement you have most days of the year may not be the perfect set-up when you expect to have 10 or more people in your apartment. That’s okay – this is completely normal! You might choose to bring more seating into a room you expect people to visit. You might switch up the arrangement of your kitchen to allow for easy cooking while giving your guests room to pour drinks and grab appetizers.

It’s safe to say that most people who live in apartments spend some time rearranging furniture and creating better “flow” via a different layout, before they host their holiday events.

Clearing a living room of all unnecessary items, such as end tables, should help to enhance flow. Store the items that you don’t need in rooms you don’t need for hosting a dinner, such as a spare bedroom.

By making your living room and kitchen more open, your guests will be more comfortable and you’ll create the right atmosphere for fun!

2. Decorate Your Apartment for Guests
Deck out your dining table in holiday cheer. Add a festive tablecloth with a holiday motif. If you prefer the sophistication and modern look of solids, those are perfectly acceptable, as well. Then, accent its beauty with tableware that suits the season.
You should be able to find holiday-themed tableware at most houseware stores. If you want something less kitschy, plates with gold accents, such as gold borders, will look beautiful and still give a holiday vibe.

Simple decorations can make your apartment look festive, warm and inviting, while still allowing it to appear uncluttered, spacious and modern – the perfect fit for a holiday party in which guests get to see your new home for the first time.

3. Plan the Right Menu
People love to eat and drink during the holidays. They really appreciate delicious food and beverages at this time of year! This is why you should give careful thought to your holiday dinner menu. Consider the special dietary requests of your guests – are there any vegetarians, vegans or guests with allergies on your guest list? Catering to the special needs of your guests will create a lot of goodwill and recipes for those who are on special diets are available all over the Internet!

For sheer elegance that looks as great as it tastes, create a dazzling entrée, such as beef wellington or roast turkey, and then put together some tempting side dishes. Mashed potatoes with real butter and cream will be hard to resist, as will roasted root vegetables and herbed rice. There are so many options, so feel free to get as creative as you like or stick with the traditional tried-and-true.

4. Stock Your Holiday Bar
Whether serving alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, or both, you’ll have to think about drinks, as well. Consider if you need to have plenty of beer, wine and cocktail ingredients on hand. Of course, make sure guests who are drinking have safe plans to get home. Be a designated driver if you don’t drink, or call a cab for those who’ve had a few.

5. Relax and Be Confident
Any apartment can become a festive and beautiful place, no matter what size your apartment is. It’s all about opening up space, adding some simple decorations and offering delicious food and drinks.

Once you’ve made your preparations, relax, be confident and have fun!

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