6 Ways To Make Your Apartment Reflect Your Personality

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When you live in an apartment, you may think you’re pretty restricted in how you can personalize it. But that’s not the case!

Even if most apartment leases restrict you from painting the walls or doing any construction or installation without landlord consent, there are a number of ways you can make your apartment fit your personality and feel even more like home. Here are just a few of the ways you can make that happen, whether you live at Stoneledge Terrace Apartments or somewhere else!!


Paint isn’t the only way you can add splashes of color to an apartment. Color can be added through almost anything you bring into your apartment, from a bright red couch to a blue blanket to a yellow throw pillow. What kind of rug you purchase can immediately transform a room’s appearance. Decorative pieces such as these can help set the mood you want in your house, whether you want it warm and cozy or bright and invigorating.


Nothing shows off your personality quite like the artwork and photography you hang in your apartment. Have paintings or photography from past travels? Or prefer to cover your walls with photos of your family members and friends? How you use that wall space will showcase some of what is most important to you, while motivating you whenever you look at it.

Type of Furniture

The furniture in your space can make or break whether it fits your personality. There are so many options when it comes to picking furniture; modern or traditional, leather, fabric or wool, matching or eclectic. Whether you shop at furniture stores or pick up pieces from consignment stores and estate sales, the furniture you purchase significantly impact the look and feel of your apartment.


Nothing expresses what you like more than your hobbies! Fill your apartment with your art, music or sports memorabilia. Not only will these evoke memories and happiness when you look at them, but they provide great decorative pieces, as well. For Stoneledge Terrace tenants, these decorations can make great conversation starters when you’re meeting new neighbors for the first time.

Knick Knacks & Souvenirs

Too many knick knacks and your luxury apartment can start to look cramped and disorganized, but with the right amount of pieces, you can intrigue guests with the special items you put on display. Where did you get that? What is it? How long have you had it? These questions and more will make your apartment interesting to visit, and make you feel proud that it’s yours.

Linens & Lighting

We spoke about color earlier, but there’s more to linens and lighting than just color.

What linens do you prefer? Light, dark, fluffy, plain? Will your bedspread have a crazy pattern? Will your bed be covered in decorative throw pillows? What about your bathroom – are you going to have matching sets of towels, and how will you display them?

Now onto lighting. Will you bring in extra lamps to brighten your rooms up, or do you prefer a soft amount of lighting? Are your lighting fixtures modern and unique, or more traditional in nature?

These Are Just The Beginning!

The ideas listed above are only the first steps you can take toward personalizing your apartment. There are many more creative ideas you can find online when you browse through DIY blogs and Pinterest. By considering some of these, you can make sure your apartment is a space where you feel comfortable and at home, and where you’ll be happy to stay for a long time.

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