Keep Winter Outside: Apartment Tips for Pet Owners

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While pets are a joy, they do tend to make a mess, and winter is a time when pets may be even messier than usual. After all, pets tend to track in snow, water and dirt from the outside and this makes caring for flooring, carpets and furnishings a little harder than during the rest of the year!

If you want to keep your apartment fresh and clean during the winter months, you’ll find our apartment tips for pet owners to be very helpful.

How to Protect Flooring

Winter is a time of year when pets tend to track in all sorts of moisture and grime, and pets always have the potential to scratch flooring and mar its appearance.

In order to protect your precious flooring during the cold-weather months, be sure to act fast when trouble strikes. This means dealing with accidents as soon as possible.

The worst thing that you can do is wait to deal with these sorts of mishaps. Wipe up messes immediately, using cleansers that are safe for your flooring type. It’s important to use the right solvents, as some cleansers and other cleaning tools are just too harsh for certain types of flooring.

In general, you’re pretty safe using a damp, clean cloth moistened with water. In some cases, you may need more firepower. Read the instructions on a flooring cleanser or other type of cleanser before you apply to your rental apartment’s floors.

To avoid scratches during winter and year-round, consider putting nail caps on your pet. These little caps will make it harder for Fido (or a cat!) to do damage. Nail caps are humane, safe and affordable and they may be ordered online or sourced from local pet stores.

How to Care for Carpets

Drying pets off (and then giving them the “once-over” in order to be sure that they are clean!) before they have the chance to soak and soil your carpeting, will be your best line of defense. With this in mind, make the entryway of your apartment a pet care zone, keeping clean towels and cleaning products handy. Some people buy portable pet dryers or use hair dryers. You may want to keep a dryer in your front hallway, just in case.

To clean up water and spills, you should transfer moisture to a clean chamois in order to get rid of it fast. There are ultra-absorbent chamois cloths available at most department stores and hardware stores, and these handy cloths work very well.

Having the right supplies on hand, including spot cleaning agents for carpets, will assist you with keeping your carpets in pristine condition, no matter what the weather is like outside.

How to Keep Furniture “Like New”

Our nail cap tip will work well here, too. If you have pieces of wooden furniture, scratches from pets will age them prematurely and damage your furniture investment. As well, take care to remove any moisture and dirt that transfers from your pet to your furnishings immediately.

Furniture is typically a blend of structural materials (wood, plastic, wicker, steel, etc.) and fabric. For this reason, you should have an array of cleaning agents and cloths on hand. For fabric, choose specially formulated color-safe cleansers in order to remove stains, without damaging material and making colors run.

In terms of other surfaces, general cleaners that are safe for wood, plastic, steel and wicker should be used. Always use clean cloths when wiping down furniture and removing stains.

Use Our Practical Tips Today

Preventative measures paired with immediate actions when messes occur will help you to keep your apartment looking great during the winter months, protect your security deposit, keep your landlords happy, and allow you to enjoy pet ownership.

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