Apartment Upkeep: When To Call Maintenance

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You have a luxury apartment, and you want to keep it nice! But… sometimes, accidents happen. You damage something, or something stops working for no reason. You think you can fix it yourself.

Many apartment residents are hesitant to call maintenance. Residents often think the problem is too small to call for assistance, not realizing that it can turn into a way bigger problem in the future.

Below, you’ll find a few tips to help you understand how to handle basic apartment maintenance, for all issues, big and small.

Evaluate the Problem & Take Pictures

The first step you should take when dealing with a problem in your apartment is evaluating the damage or issue. What exactly is wrong? When did it start? Consider scenarios like the following:

● An appliance stopped working. Is it simply not turning on? Or, is it running poorly and a terrible sound is coming from the appliance?
● A light fixture stopped working. Have you tried switching the light bulb? Or, does it appear to be a problem with the apartment’s wiring? Is the light bulb out of reach?
● Is there damage to a wall or your floor? Is there a broken window? Do you know what happened to cause that damage, or did it happen when you were away?

Thinking about questions like these as soon as you discover an issue will help your landlord assess what repair steps need to be taken in order to return your luxury apartment to full working order.

While you’re doing this, make sure to take pictures so you have them for record-keeping purposes. You may need to show them to the company that provides you renter’s insurance, or your landlord may need them to recoup damages on their property. Photos ensure that your apartment appearance is preserved before the repairs or clean-up have begun.

Call Your Landlord

Believe us – if there’s an issue, your landlord wants to hear from you. You are not bothering them. They are there to help you with any issues you may have.

Your landlord will help you figure out the steps that need to be taken and the right professionals that need to be called. Many luxury complexes, like Stoneledge Terrace Apartments, have dedicated maintenance teams to handle issues such as plumbing, electricity, HVAC, landscaping and other property needs.

Embarrassed by your maintenance need? No matter how odd you may think your issue is, chances are, the maintenance person has seen it before.

If you call and don’t receive a response right away, remember to follow up. Your comfort in your home should be your landlord’s first priority.

If you encounter a maintenance emergency at Stoneledge Terrace outside of regular office hours, we have an emergency line that you can call for assistance right away. Maintenance emergencies can be considered anything that may cause permanent damage to your apartment. Keep in mind that in the event of a fire, medical, or police emergency, always dial 911.

Thank Maintenance & Follow-Up When Necessary

Whoever comes in to fix your apartment will be pleased to do the repairs necessary to make everything fully functional again.

In the days after the maintenance and repairs have been completed, pay close attention to make sure whatever was fixed is working properly now. That means make sure your hot water is heating up properly, your sinks are draining, your windows are closing properly, your lights are working – whatever it is, you need it to work! And your landlord or property management’s professionals will make sure you have the living experience you deserve.

When to DIY

Sometimes, it just feels better to fix it yourself. We understand. Maintenance issues can occur at all hours, and can range in complexity. If you’re handy at basic home repair, you’ll be able to switch light bulbs or tighten loose cabinet handles. You can prevent issues like this from being bothersome by keeping extra bulbs and small tools in your apartment.

Some maintenance problems are easy to fix, but if you’re ever in doubt, it’s always best to call your landlord or property manager. They’ll make sure to answer any questions you have, come check out the situation and determine the best solution. Leave major maintenance to the professionals.

As a resident, it’s important to call maintenance when an issue occurs, or when signs of a problem appear. Failing to call and notify your landlord can lead to bigger issues down the road. Taking care of your problems in a timely manner will help you live comfortably, and it’ll please your landlord, too!

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