The Benefits of Moving in the Spring

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As the days get longer and the temperature slowly rises, we get more and more excited that spring has finally arrived!

Considering making a move this year? We’ve put together a list of reasons moving in the spring just may be the perfect way to go.

Spring Cleaning

You’ve spent all winter snuggled under blankets, maybe not too active, certainly not too motivated to clean out your cars, your storage spaces, or even your closets where it’s warm indoors.

But as the weather warms up, garage sales begin. Community yard sales start getting scheduled. People are searching for new decorations and getting rid of their old stuff. Combining your spring cleaning with a move is a perfect combination, as you’ll be able to identify what you want to bring with you to your new home, and sell or donate any items you’d rather leave behind.

If you’re moving, you’re going to have to empty out all your storage spaces anyway. Same if you’re spring cleaning! Do the same work once, and make the moving process even easier for you and any other members of your household.

The Weather

Spring brings the perfect weather: It’s neither too hot nor too cold. This is the perfect situation when moving into a new apartment, as moving requires a lot of manual labor for you and your friends. When temperatures are too high, moves can be more stressful and can even become dangerous if you do not stay properly hydrated.

Meanwhile, moving in the cold is no fun either, especially if you’re moving furniture and boxes while the ground is covered in snow. Cold weather requires you to be especially protective of some items that can’t stay cold for extended periods of time, such as musical instruments.

Spring provides the perfect type of weather for a moving weekend. Just cross your fingers for no rain!


In most cases, whatever apartment you’re moving into is likely going to be a place someone else is moving out of. Spring is an optimal time for most people to move, and as more people decide to move, you’ll find more options available to check out!

Home for the Holidays

Spring is an optimal time of year to move, getting you settled in ahead of the summer, fall and winter holidays. By moving to your new home in early spring (such as in the weeks after Easter), you’ll find yourselves quickly settled in for summer barbecues on 4th of July and Labor Day, ready to decorate your haunted apartment for Halloween, and all set to host holiday meals on Thanksgiving and during winter celebrations.

Good For Children

A problem many parents face when moving is finding the right time to move for kids. You don’t want your children to miss too many days of school due to the move, but you want them to have an easy transition, as well. The springtime offers a lot of time off for students (think spring break and Memorial Day weekend) that you could time your move around. Meanwhile, if your move requires students to change schools – and can’t be delayed to the end of the school year – moving during the spring provides the added benefit of children meeting new classmates and making friends before summer break begins.

As we blossom into a new season, make spring your time to move. At Stoneledge Terrace Apartments in Troy, NY, we’re here to help you consider your best options and have brand new buildings opening this spring! Call 518-640-4080 for details!

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