How to Choose a New Apartment from Out of Town

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Finding a new apartment can be difficult when you’re looking to move to a new city (but still located in your old one). Thankfully, there are many online tools to help us make these tough transitions much easier. Here are a few tips to make your move hassle-free.

The Internet Is Your Best Friend

First and foremost, it’s important to remember that most of the information you’ll need to find in the preliminary stages of your apartment search is available online. You might not be able to drive to every apartment option, but you can definitely get plenty of information about them from the Internet!

Dozens of websites and apps exist to help you find the right apartment. These sites let you filter apartments based on details that matter to you, such as budget, neighborhood, size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and more.

Many apartment complexes (such as ours) have their own websites. You can certainly explore those to learn about all of the amenities provided by these complexes and find the appropriate contact information should you wish to learn more.

These websites will often have photo galleries or a virtual tour option on their website, showcasing the different types of apartments offered. This is an easy way to see your new potential space without actually being there.

When choosing an apartment, we know what happens outside of your apartment is important, too! That’s why you should consider reviewing the following, as well:

  • Online reviews: A number of sites provide reviews of apartment complexes, allowing you to see what current and past tenants have said about living in the apartments and what life is like in that particular neighborhood.
  • Google Street View: Want to “drive” around the neighborhood but can’t physically get to the apartment soon enough? Most streets have been recorded on camera by Google’s Street View cars, allowing you to see photos of the area around the apartments you’re considering. Check out what parking is like. See what’s across the street. “Drive” to the nearest gas stations and grocery store. Check out the local schools, if necessary.
  • Read the local paper: Checking out local news sources, such as newspapers and blogs, allows you to find out what living in the area is like. Don’t just look for the crime section – read restaurant reviews, find out what’s happening at local events, and see how locals are enjoying their spare time!

Ask Around

While the Internet is tremendously helpful in any apartment search, it’s not the only avenue you should pursue when researching a new place to live. Your family members, friends and coworkers (or soon-to-be coworkers!) may know details about the location you’re moving to. If you know someone who already lives in your new town, ask them to check out the apartments you’re considering. They may already know the area, or have a friend of their own that lives there, and can save you the expenses and time involved with your own trip!

Things To Keep In Mind When Picking A New Apartment In A New Town

Remember, moving to a new location may mean changing current habits.

  • If you’re going to need to use public transportation, take into consideration how far away your potential apartment is from the closest transit stop.
  • Consider how far away you are from work, school or other frequently-visited places.
  • Think about any weather changes that might impact your apartment decision (especially if you’re not experienced with handling the ice, snow or storms that frequent your new location).

There are many things to keep in mind when looking for an apartment in a new area. Doing your research and planning ahead of time will help you find a place that suits your needs. Luckily, the Internet helps make the process easier, even when you’re far away!

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