Does Size Matter When Searching For An Apartment?

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You’re apartment searching; you’re looking for a space you’ll be comfortable in. You don’t want your new home to feel cramped, cluttered or claustrophobic. For most people, the size of the apartment matters, but the apartment you choose can’t be based on square footage alone!

If you’re looking to move, it’s important to think proactively and do some planning so you don’t get into a lease that makes you more frustrated than happy. Below, we’ve provided some apartment hunting tips for renters.

What to Consider During an Apartment Tour

When you’re searching for an apartment it’s always a good to schedule tours of the available rentals.. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find people who rent an apartment without looking at it first (some people look at a single apartment more than once!). These tours help you make sure there are no surprises, such as a lack of sunlight, insufficient closet space, or a ceiling that shows signs of water damage.

When viewing an apartment, don’t be shy about asking questions. You need to identify what is or is not included at the apartment – like which appliances the kitchen already has or what utilities may or may not be included in your rent.

Bedroom size & furniture: Bring a measuring tape and make sure your beds, nightstands and dressers will fit in each bedroom. You’ll want your sleeping spaces to be comfortable and not cramped. You also don’t want it to feel empty either, so consider your ability to fill the rooms you’d be moving into.

Another thing to pay attention to – those hallways! Make sure you can maneuver your existing furniture to the bedrooms. The difference between a full bed and a king bed is huge, so it’s important that your comfort can be accommodated.

Kitchen & dining: Are you a chef who makes elaborate meals at home? Check that the kitchen has enough cabinets, shelves and counter space. Do you entertain? Make sure the dining area can accommodate your guests without having to split people up in separate rooms for holidays or special occasions.

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Bathroom: Medicine cabinets? Tub, shower or a combination? Space to keep towels and washcloths? Make sure the apartment you’re thinking of renting is going to provide all the things you need.

Living room: This might be the most important room, as most people spend significant waking hours at home here. If you already have furniture — do the apartments you’re considering provide the right amount of room for your furniture? Having extra room is much better than not enough so you don’t bump into furniture going from one room to another.

It’s always a smart idea to bring a measuring tape to make sure your belongings will fit in your new digs. Even in a large living room, furniture can be difficult to arrange if wall space is interrupted by windows, doorways, heaters or other obstacles. If you love an apartment but have too much furniture, keep in mind that part of the moving process might be to find those items a new home. And of course, if you are lacking furniture, be sure to budget money and time for shopping.

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Apartment Layout and Natural Sensibility

Whether or not you rent a luxury apartment still depends on your lifestyle. Make sure the layout meets your needs, there are logical spaces for furniture in every room, and the essentials you need, such as off-street parking, outdoor common spaces or an on-site gym are accommodated. This is your home. You want to be comfortable here!

If the apartment you rent is shared with one or more people, make sure that the apartment provides everyone with opportunities to have privacy and quiet. Will the television in the living room disturb the tenant whose bedroom is on the other side of the wall?

Apartment Size, Thinking Ahead and Home Offices

Even if you only need a single bedroom for sleeping, you don’t have to rent a one bedroom. Some people find that turning a second bedroom into a home office does two things:

1. It helps them hyper-focus on getting things done more quickly and efficiently, such as paying bills, working occasionally from home and managing home and life.

2. It creates a place for these ‘administrative’ things and keeps the creature comforts of your living space from becoming ‘the office.’ Having an office let’s you keep the kitchen table what it was meant for: eating and entertaining friends and family.

Feeling Crowded Can be Unhealthy and Make You Unhappy

Few people would say that feeling crowded is a good thing. Your apartment is your home and it’s meant to be your sanctuary. If you’re cramped and crowded, you’re bound to find unhappiness along the way..

We certainly don’t want you to face those problems. At Stoneledge Terrace, we have a number of layouts to choose from — why not schedule a tour today? 518-640-4080.