Easy Design Changes to Make Your Apartment Decor Feel “Like New”

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Have you lived in your apartment for a while? Ready for some change?

Renting an apartment might mean you can’t paint the walls, add new tile or do any structural changes, but that’s okay! Making your apartment feel fresh and stylish doesn’t have to mean a complex and time-consuming design overhaul. When you discover some easy design changes, you’ll be able to make your apartment décor feel like new, without spending a fortune and investing a lot of “sweat equity”.

While you’ll need to buy some supplies and do a little work in order to make these changes happen, you’ll probably find the whole process enjoyable. Use one or all of our tips in order to give your apartment a cool new vibe that is in perfect accordance with your own personal sense of style.
To help you learn the tricks of the trade, we’re going to discuss some of the best way to get dramatic results rapidly.

Try Out Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

In Hollywood, plenty of clever methods are used in order to decorate sets. One of them is peel-and-stick wallpaper. This commitment-free option allows set designers to change up the look of walls, almost instantly, without the usual mess and commitment of traditional wallpaper.

However, you definitely don’t have to be a part of the film industry in order to access this form of wallpaper. Today, it’s commonly available online and at community-based retailers.

Whether you like sleek and sophisticated style or prefer something more traditional or eclectic, you’ll be able to select the perfect removable wallpaper…and then peel it off when you don’t want to look at it anymore.
Remember – you might not even need to cover an entire wall. There are plenty of wall artwork options available that add a bit of style to your wall while not entirely altering the wall itself. These smaller solutions are best for suiting your desire for change while keeping your landlord comfortable with your actions.

Pegboards for the Kitchen

Pegboards are inexpensive to purchase and are a great way to add style to kitchens. You may paint a pegboard, choose a pre-painted design or go for a raw, natural wood finish. Whatever you choose, you’ll find that your new pegboard offers a perfect way to store and display kitchen items.

Renowned chef Julia Child used to adorn her kitchen pegboards with pots and pans, and we definitely recommend that you consider doing the same! It’ll give your kitchen a bit of gourmet-inspired glamour.

Kitchen pegboards offer the perfect mixture of homespun style and industrial edge, whether you’re hanging pots and pans, ladles, spoons and other serverware, or even just recipes and photos of things you intend to cook someday.

Paint Your Furnishings

Looking at the same furniture colors, year in and year out, can feel a little stale and dull. Since it’s so easy to give furniture a coat of fresh paint, why not change it up by painting your furniture?
Choose specific pieces to “make over” or paint everything! Just be sure to learn the art of painting – lots of online tutorials are out there to show you exactly how to prime, paint and dry your furnishings.

To add high style in a jiffy, go for “retro-cool” aqua or flamingo pink! Whatever palette you choose, make sure that it triggers happy feelings and positive energy. Though red is linked with aggression and passion, and blue promotes a sense of peace and tranquility, everyone is different and we all respond to certain colors in individual ways.

Use your favorite “power” colors in order to add pizzazz to your apartment.

Add New Accessories

Sometimes the simplest purchases make all the difference. Purchasing or recovering throw pillows with a different color and pattern of fabric, framing new pictures, and adding new blankets, candles, flower arrangements and other accessories can make a tremendous difference quickly and inexpensively.

Look around – what could you easily swap out with something new and different?

Make Some Design Changes Today

Hopefully, our quick guide has provided you with some welcome inspiration. Using any or all of these tips, you should be able to make your apartment at Stoneledge Terrace look like new, without investing a ton of effort and money.

So, why not plan some easy design changes today?