Easy & Efficient Apartment Living Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

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Summer is coming! Get ready for Saturday afternoons by the pool, driving with the windows down, and that hot, hot sun. The heat can become sweltering as temperatures rise, and no one wants to walk around their luxury apartment sweaty and uncomfortable. Establishing ways of keeping cool in your apartment this summer is essential!

At Stoneledge Terrace Apartments, all of our units have efficient and up-to-date air conditioning systems. In addition, here are a few more easy and efficient ways to stay cool in your apartment this summer!

1. Close Your Blinds or Curtains

Does sun shine straight through windows in your apartment? The summer sun is unrelenting and as it beams down into your apartment through your window, heat gets trapped in your home. While it may be tempting to leave the blinds open to let some sunlight into your apartment, closing the blinds or curtains you have lowers the indoor temperature and saves you money on utilities. Avoid turning your apartment into a greenhouse, especially when you’re not home and in need of sunlight.

2. Stay Aware of Outdoor Weather Conditions

On a really hot day, you’ll want your windows closed and your air conditioning on, but on a breezy day outside, the right windows opened up will make your apartment feel cooler and less stuffy than if you continue to leave your windows closed.

3. Get Cool and Creative

If you ever scour the Internet for tips on cooling down this summer, you’re going to notice that the majority of neat DIY tricks involve a lot of ice. Here’s a cool trick of our own: Fill a bowl or tray full of ice, put it in front of a big fan, and turn that fan on full blast. Your apartment will be full of nice and cool air almost immediately, and that feeling of relief will be so, so sweet.

4. Think Ahead and Prepare

While you’re going to want to only stay cool, sometimes things simply have to get hot. When you get hungry and turn on the oven, or you wake up and turn your shower water on, consider preemptively counteracting the heat that you’re introducing to your apartment. A good idea would be to turn on your bathroom fan right as you turn the shower on so that the steam won’t accumulate unwanted in your apartment. Or if you’re about to cook, turn on the exhaust fan in your kitchen to suck that hot air right out of the room. It’s one simple step to add to your routine that you will be grateful for.

5. Embrace the Night Air

It’s the nature of summer days to be scorching hot, but summer nights can be nice and cool. The sun is finally gone and a breeze has arrived to be used to your advantage. Position your fans by open windows to suck that cool air into your apartment at night, and be sure to close those windows (and blinds!) in the morning to secure that cold air in your apartment all day. You can also position the fans during the day to suck hot air out of your apartment and push it outside. Fans are amazing tools in the summer to keep cool if you’re not using your air conditioning system, and there are so many great ways to use them to circulate the air in your apartment the way you like it.

These methods are easy, efficient, and invaluable. Give them a try and you will be forever grateful you did. Stay cool, friends!

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