How Apartment Complex Amenities Can Keep You Active, Healthy & Happy

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It’s no secret that living an active lifestyle helps people stay happy, reduce stress and maintain their good health.

Too often, people commit to a monthly gym membership and then under-use it for a host of reasons, from distance to weather to just being “too busy.” There are no doubt plenty of other reasons why gym memberships get neglected, and that’s why having access to a gym, pool or other area for physical activity in very close proximity can help lead people to use those facilities more often.

Stoneledge Terrace Apartments provide renters amenities that cater to an active lifestyle. Since these amenities are included in the cost of rent, there is no need to purchase an additional gym membership or drive any long distance to get active. As a resident of Stoneledge Terrace you will have access to the fitness center, outdoor pool, tennis courts, basketball courts, and putting green without wasting time or money.

We all know that exercise is good for your health (especially your heart health), but here are some things you might not know!

Maintaining an active lifestyle can:

  • Generate more feelings of excitement
  • Help you approach your days more enthusiastically
  • Reduce stress
  • Relax and prepare you for sounder sleep

  • Homeowners have to invest in equipment in order to have an active lifestyle at home. Renters, on the other hand, often have facilities that are maintained, repaired and cleaned without any extra work or cost imposed on the resident.

    Convenience & Proximity Matters

    The reason people seek out great apartment amenities has to do with the conveniences they provide. You might even have healthier relationships, as the common spaces at Stoneledge Terrace provide opportunities to meet with and become friendly with neighbors — further making you feel at home.

    One of the other beautiful things about active lifestyle amenities is the convenience of using those amenities whenever you want, and not feeling guilty if you don’t use them. If you ever suffer an injury and can’t use a fitness center at your apartment complex, you don’t have to continue paying a membership like you would at a privately-owned gym. These amenities are there, whenever you want them, if you want them.

    While you might not be active right now, having these in close proximity may make you more active, all while not spending a dime on memberships or travel costs to get to them. Find the amenities you need, and become more active today!