How to Grow a Flourishing Garden While Renting an Apartment

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For people who love to garden, the feeling only grows more when they have the satisfaction of growing their own flowers, herbs and food. It’s relaxing, it’s enjoyable, and by the looks of some research, gardening can even lead to living a longer life!

But, people who rent may often think they can’t garden, since many apartments don’t come with big yards and landscaping is often maintained by the apartment complexes.

But the truth is, you CAN garden!

There are many gardening solutions for renters with a green thumb (or those want to develop that green thumb). Here are some tips for residents:

Grow Your Garden While Living In Your Apartment

Many residents have beautiful gardens at their apartments, which provide great opportunities to relax at home, break the ice with the neighbors (who doesn’t love the gifts of flowers or fresh herbs?) and grow food for yourself. You can grow your own garden at home by:

Utilizing patio and window areas: Sure, you might not grow rows of corn, but by scaling down and using adequately-sized pots, planters or window boxes, you’re certainly able to grow plenty of common flowers, food and herbs. This one is a no-brainer. Patio gardening is a sure-fire way of keeping the love for gardening alive (and keeping your home beautiful and your cooking flavorful!).

Growing a vertical garden: Whether outdoors or indoors (with a good amount of natural sunlight), there are tons of vertical gardening solutions. You can buy vertical gardening shelves or make use of a multi-level bookshelf to grow plants, herbs, flowers and even vegetables.

Smaller fruit trees: Using a large pot, you can purchase and nurture fruit-bearing trees with adequate sunshine, whether they live indoors or outdoors. You can even move them inside and outside, giving the trees exposure to natural light and air in good weather, while also keeping them alive during the colder months in the northeast.

Gardening Elsewhere: Gardening Plots

Seeking out and using a garden plot elsewhere in your city or town is a great way to have a larger garden and yield. Community gardens such as those provided by Capital Roots often have plots available for novices and pros to cultivate. Community gardens provide great opportunities to get to know people that may live in your neighborhood, exchange gardening tips and share food.

Why Garden in the First Place?

Gardening can help reduce stress, improve health, and help you decorate your apartment with various colors and styles. Have pride in your home, and have the satisfaction and pride gardeners get from planning, planting, and maintaining their gardens.