Keep The Snow Outdoors: Winterizing Your Apartment

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Is winter right outside your window? If you want to keep the snow out of your apartment, conserve energy, and save money on the cost of power during the cold-weather months, you’ll love this quick guide! We’ve compiled some practical tips that will help you to stay warm and cozy all winter long at Stoneledge Terrace Apartments.

Try one or all of our tips in order to enjoy a truly comfortable home that is completely winterized.

Invest in Insulating Drapes – Although Stoneledge Terrace has very high quality windows and insulation, some cold can still manage to seep in from the outside. Insulating curtains come in a range of styles, colors and materials, at an array of price points and can help lower your heating bill. They feature a thermal lining which traps heat inside, where it belongs, and keeps cold air and moisture from getting in.
You can find insulating drapes online or right at a store in your own community. Once you’ve purchased and hung these drapes, you may notice a big difference right away.

Buy Draft Dodgers for Doors – Doors are also places where cold air penetrates. Drafts from doors have the potential to make apartments very chilly indeed! By selecting draft dodgers, which stop cold air from moving under the bottoms of doors, you’ll block winter from the inside out.
Draft dodgers come in different styles, from basic and low-key to charming and whimsical. A simple Google search for “draft dodgers” will help you to find affordable styles which suit your apartment décor. To use a draft dodger, just place it along the base of a door, on the inside. It takes seconds to put one into place and they are simple to move out of the way when a door needs to be used.

Cover Windows in Plastic – Some apartment complexes permit this winterizing process, while others don’t, so check the rules in your Rental Agreement before you take this step. If you are permitted to winterize in this manner, buy heavy plastic and affix it to your windows with heavy-duty industrial tape.

If you’ve invested in insulating drapes, you may not need this step. However, some people do double up by adding plastic to windows and also hanging thermal curtains.

Try Our Helpful Tips Today

Now that you know a trio of sensible winterizing tips, you’ll be primed to keep the cold and snow out of your apartment. Once you’ve tried our tips, be sure to compare your winter heating bills to those from last year, before you winterized. It’s safe to say that you’ll save on the cost of energy by using the tips that we’ve discussed here.
Winterizing an apartment won’t take long and will ensure that you are able to get through the cold-weather months in total comfort. Whether you live alone or with others, you will find that using our tips won’t be difficult, expensive or time-consuming.
The money that you do spend winterizing will be an investment in your personal comfort and it should pay for itself when you see your energy bill.

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