Make the Leap: 5 Things to Do When You Move Into a New Apartment

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If you’ve just found a new apartment and are preparing to move in, you may be wondering how to make your move as smooth and pleasant as possible. The wisest way to achieve this worthy goal is to get organized well in advance.

Taking care of important matters before you move will make your actual move-in day much less stressful. Preparing in advance is key to achieving an efficient move-in process.

To help you plan for a painless moving experience, we’ve compiled a quick list of five things that you should do before you move into a new apartment at Stoneledge Terrace.

1. Take Care of Address Changes

You’ll want to make certain that all mail is re-routed to your new address from your move-in date onward. Go to the post office and complete the Change of Address forms, or complete the process online. This simple task will ensure that no mail goes to your old address after the date of your move. You’ll experience no interruption in mail service and you won’t need to go to your old address in order to pick up mail.

2. Handle Insurance Issues

If your lease agreement specifies that you’ll need to buy renters insurance, get this taken care of before you move. It’s best to buy a policy at least one or two weeks prior to your move-in date. Confirm that your policy will be activated from your move-in date onward.

There are different tiers of coverage, so you’ll need to decide which level of insurance coverage is affordable. Shop around in order to access a policy that has the right level of coverage and the right price tag.

If you’re covered for renters insurance on your current address, you may choose to cancel that policy or have it transferred. Your current insurance provider will guide you through the process of transferring your coverage.

3. Make Copies of Your Keys

You will receive the keys to your new place before or on your move-in date. It is wise to make copies of these keys if this is permitted. It’s all too easy to lose keys, so having copies on hand will help you avoid the hassle of new keys. Plus, you’ll avoid the process of requesting new keys from a landlord or property manager.

Locksmiths and hardware stores are great locations to obtain new copies of keys, as they can do so quickly and at a low cost.

4. Cancel Utilities at Your Old Address

Before you move, you should also arrange to have the utility services cancelled at your current address. Naturally, you’ll need to arrange utility services at your new place, in order to ensure that you have heat, hot water, and electricity on moving day.

As with renters insurance, plan to take care of these tasks a week or two before you move. The earlier you do so, the better. You should also arrange the cancellation or transfer of cable and Internet services well in advance. At Stoneledge Terrace cable and internet are included in your rent so you will not have to sign up for any services unless you wish to upgrade to a higher package.

5. Book a Moving Van

If you will need a moving van in order to get your furniture and other belongings from Point A to Point B, you’ll find that booking early is wise. Sometimes, U-Haul and other moving van companies have a lot of rental requests, and it may be difficult to get the vehicle that you need at the last minute.

Book early, as this will be one less thing to worry about as the move-in date grows closer.

Now that you have some simple guidelines, prepare for a smooth and organized move!

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