Make Your Apartment a Smart Apartment: The Future is Here!

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October 3rd was National Techies Day. You might not be coding your own apps, but you can still enjoy it to the fullest. With all of the great technology available, the future is already here and it’s saving people time and money, while giving them more peace of mind. Don’t get nervous when it comes to making your apartment more connected to the web. It’s so easy!

What is a Smart Apartment?

You’ve heard of a “smart house”. That same technology can be used within your apartment! Connecting your home to technology isn’t just a set of gadgets to have, but a set of tools to save you time and money. Some people connect their heating and cooling to smart thermostats, allowing them to regulate temperatures and not waste money. There are many other easy ways to connect everyday items in your home to apps that will make you think you woke up in the future.

Smart Lights & Electronics: The Easy Guide

Imagine a world (it exists!) where you can open an app on your phone and turn your lights on and off (or dim them) with the swipe of a finger. Or, use a scheduling system in the app to turn specific lights off at a designated time and back on when it’s time to wake up.

It’s Convenient, and It Saves Money

Having the ability to schedule lights and electronics to turn on and off is a simple way to avoid leaving lights, your TV, and your stereo on. You’ll incrementally save electricity. Plus, if you’re going to be out late, instead of leaving a light on, turn your lights on as you approach your door — not only to save money, but to help save the environment and increase your level of safety. No one likes to walk into a dark apartment and fumble for the light switches!

It’s Easier Than You Think

The Wink Hub quickly connects to your Internet router, and communicates with an app on your phone or tablet. It allows scheduling and instantly turns lights on and off — all from your device and the swipe of your finger.

In order for it to work, you need Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulbs (LED bulbs use far less electricity) that are often right next to the Wink Hub at places such as Target and Home Depot.

It’s an investment upfront, but the conveniences are huge. If you add connected outlets and power strips, you’ll be controlling more than just the lights – you’ll control anything plugged in!

Amazon Echo

Amazon now offers the Amazon Echo. Also known as Alexa, the Echo is a voice command device with futuristic functions that include: voice-activated question answering, music playing and smart device control, helping you manage smart devices such as your Wink Hub lights and outlets.

If you can’t find your phone to use the app, just speak out loud to Alexa and ask her to turn on, turn off, or schedule your lights and electronics. Now you’ll have more time to binge-watch Netflix, and with Alexa, you can just shout instructions and your apartment is under your control! Alexa helps you live more conveniently, and again, the investment isn’t one that will make or break you. You can easily connect your home to the Internet for less than $400.

How smart is your apartment?