Meet Your Neighbors: How To Make Friends Within Your Apartment Building

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If you’re moving into a new apartment building, you probably want to make a great first impression. Also, you may dream of making friends at your complex, as this makes life more enjoyable and meaningful. This guide is designed to show you the most effective ways to reach out to your new neighbors.

Friendship is about respect, so respecting the rules and regulations outlined in your rental agreement will be a great way to get started. Those who don’t follow apartment building rules and regulations are likely to rub people the wrong way!

It should be easy to read the fine print on your rental agreement and figure out what you can and can’t do at your new dwelling. Following rules carefully will ensure that you show respect for your neighbors from day one.

Once you have a handle on the rules at your building, you’ll be ready for the next step, which is connecting with neighbors in a low-key, friendly fashion.

Don’t Come On Too Strong

When we want to make friends, we sometimes try too hard. One tip is to let people come to you. There is etiquette in terms of making new connections. If possible, it’s always best for your new neighbors approach you. The most sensible way to get the ball rolling is to say hi to a neighbor while you are moving in or picking up your mail. A warm smile and a quick “hi” will set the stage for a neighbor to converse with you and get to know you.

Usually, a smile and greeting will lead to chit-chat. Good first conversations in which both of you feel comfortable can form the foundation for a friendship. Of course, you won’t have things in common with every neighbor – however, there are bound to be one or two people with whom you feel instant rapport. So, continue smiling and saying hi and have a conversation with a neighbor when it’s clear you’re both interested in getting to know each other.

At this point, just relax and be yourself.

Listen More Than You Speak

Friendship is about being a good listener. This means that you should spend more time listening than talking! When you are conversing with a new neighbor, focus on that person, rather than yourself. Ask questions that aren’t too probing or personal, respond to the other person and keep everything light, happy and genuine.

People love to be listened to by those who seem to exude positive energy, concern and compassion. When you listen and really care about what a new connection is saying, you’ll appear good-natured and kind.

You don’t need to be the most charming person around or the most attractive person around. You just need to be considerate of your new connection.

Never interrupt the person, even if you’re desperate to say something. Keep your statements politically-correct, at least until you know the person better.

Avoiding missteps at the start will set the stage for closeness later on.

Get Involved At Your Apartment Building

The principles of making friends are always the same. Don’t come on too strong, listen well, be warm and friendly and make a new connection feel important. This strategy should work, whether you’re trying to befriend neighbors or anyone else.

The last step is getting involved at your building. Stoneledge Terrace has many activities at the Clubhouse that provide opportunities to meet new residents. Enjoying the fitness center, outdoor pool, lounge area, or tennis/basketball courts will give you a change to meet people that have similar interests and provide an easy way to introduce yourself.

Showing people that you want to be part of their group will send a message that you’re a “team player” and a potential buddy.

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