Key Questions to Ask When Searching for a New Apartment

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Sometimes, we tend to focus on the basics when we are searching for new apartments. For example, we may spend some time thinking about how a new living space makes us feel, whether or not locations are up to scratch and how prospective apartment rental costs will gel with our respective financial realities.

The truth is that there are a few other things you should think about before you make a final decision about which apartment to rent.

We’re providing a few tips today to help protect future renters. Once you’ve read our quick and practical guide, you’ll be one step closer to finding an apartment that is an ideal fit for your requirements.

Knowing the right questions to ask as you hunt for the perfect rental apartment or condo will empower you. You’ll know that you are doing all that you can to boost the odds of enjoying a new residence to the fullest. You’ll also dramatically reduce the odds of having a negative rental experience.

Is Renter’s Insurance Required?

Some apartment rentals will require renter’s insurance, while others won’t. It’s beneficial to know whether or not you’ll be required to carry this sort of insurance policy. While renter’s insurance is definitely a smart thing to purchase, whether you need to or not, it’s not something that everyone wants to pay for.

In particular, those who are on tight budgets will benefit from knowing their responsibilities in terms of renter’s insurance.

Therefore, while you’re checking out a new suite with an apartment complex manager, be sure to ask about rental insurance. Will your lease (or month-to-month rental agreement) stipulate that this type of insurance is mandatory?

If it is mandatory, you should inquire about how much insurance you’ll need to buy, what your renter’s insurance policy will need to cover, and if there are any other requirements.

In general, insurance of this type is pretty affordable and a prospective landlord or property management firm probably won’t ask you to buy the most comprehensive renter’s insurance policy around. However, knowing whether or not you’re in line for an extra monthly expense related to your apartment will help you to decide whether a particular apartment available to rent is affordable. We strongly recommend renter’s insurance at Stoneledge Terrace, however it is not required.

What Is Your Landlord Responsible For?

Our previous question will help you to get a handle on what you’re responsible for. Your next question should be, “What will my landlord be responsible for?” For example, will your landlord look after snow removal if you’ll be living in a four-season climate? Will the landlord also be in charge of making any necessary repairs and arranging regular trash and recycling removal?

It’s advantageous to ask these kinds of questions face-to-face. When you do, you’ll get the hard answers that you need and you’ll also get a sense of whether or not you have rapport with a prospective landlord. While you certainly don’t need to be best buddies, it’ll be nice to be able to enjoy interactions with this type of person.

After all, you’ll likely to have a fair bit of contact with him or her in the future. At Stoneledge Terrace, we take care of the snow and trash removal for you at no additional cost!

Who Do You Contact When Repairs Are Needed?

Quite often, the landlord will be the one responsible for making or facilitating repairs that need to be done at apartments, whether the kitchen sink stops working, a window refuses to a open, heat is insufficient or there’s some a leak, pest problem or other issue.

However, many landlords employ property managers to handle those matters. Make sure you understand who you are supposed to contact when there’s an emergency or something at your apartment that should be taken care of. Ask how immediate fixes tend to occur, and what the process is when plumbers, electricians or other people must gain access to your apartment. We have our own dedicated maintenance staff at Stoneledge Terrace as well as Paragon Residential Management who manages the day to day activities at the property.

Use Our Helpful Tips Today

As you can see, these types of questions will help you to get the inside scoop on your responsibilities as a future tenant, as well as your prospective landlord’s responsibilities. One tip is to jot down the questions in the Notes section of your smart phone before you view a rental apartment. As you check out different rental suites, you’ll get into the habit of asking these questions, and the answers that you receive will help you to make a wise and informed decision about where to rent.

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