Questions to Ask When Searching For a New Apartment: Parking

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When searching for a new apartment, it’s important to consider a few things before you make the final decision. Parking is one factor that is often overlooked due to its inherently obvious nature. After all, it’s only parking, and you can park anywhere, right?


When it comes to parking, a unique set of possible problems may arise, and due diligence must be made in order to make sure these problems don’t come to fruition with your new apartment.

Here are a few parking questions to ask about when searching for a new apartment.

Security and Safety
Is your vehicle safe from damage? Is the area that the car will be parked in likely to cause security issues for the vehicle? Are there security measures in place to prevent breaches?

In order to satisfy these concerns, contacting the local police station, or an organization that specializes in crime statistics that can ensure you have the information you need about security. You might ask questions such as: Is the area known for crime? Is the area frequently damaged by vandalism?

If your apartment is in a complex, you’ll want to ask your contact or the complex’s management other questions, such as: Does the apartment management handle security and safety breaches, or do the tenants? Does the building have security guards? Are there cameras installed in the parking lot and walkways to apartments?

These are the questions you need to keep in mind before you settle into a new apartment, as the safety and security of your vehicles – and you! – are of upmost importance. Luckily at Stoneledge Terrace we have security officers patrol the community frequently and we take the right precautions to ensure the safety of our residents and their vehicles.

Personal Parking Spaces
What are the parking options for residents? Is the main parking lot or garage free to the public, for when guests arrive? If not, where do guests park – and do you need to obtain permission, first? At Stoneledge Terrace, we offer a variety of different parking options including Attached Garages, Stand Alone Garages, and plenty of parking spaces around each building.

Are there any costs for tenants associated with parking? Make sure to ask about any fees that may not be included in your rent. Make sure to ask how many cars the residents of your apartment will have access to.

Depending on the type of apartment complex you’re moving into, there may be different options, such as free outdoor spaces and a garage you’d have to pay for. If you live in snowy areas, this kind of covered parking spot might be something you want to consider!

Are there any parking rules you should know about? Rules like ‘no back-in parking allowed’ or ‘only reverse parking into a vertical space permitted’ may be a part of your area’s parking rules you have to follow. In some parking areas, only certain size vehicles are allowed to park, and sometimes motorcycles have their own specially provided spaces.

There may also be parking rules associated with certain times of day or certain days of the week, in order to accommodate street cleaning, landscaping and snow removal.

Parking Area Maintenance
Who maintains the integrity of the parking area?

You will need to find out if the maintenance of the parking area is of a quality that you are satisfied with before moving in becomes an option.

If it’s a garage or lot you’ll be using, things like rubbish and debris can pile up if left unattended. If you’re going to use roadside parking, then snow and ice will need to be plowed during the winter, on top of the routine removal of waste and debris throughout the year.

Make sure you’ve got all aspects covered for your vehicle when picking an apartment to avoid parking-related nuisances. After all, your vehicle is moving in with you too!