Questions to Ask When Searching for a New Apartment: Security

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You should feel safe and completely comfortable in your new place. Your home is your sanctuary and choosing an apartment complex that features a practical level of security will give you greater peace of mind.

After you sign your lease, you’re committed to paying for and residing in your new apartment. With this in mind, let’s discuss the smartest security-related questions to ask before you sign a lease for a new rental apartment.

Are There Security Cameras?

You will need to know whether or not your apartment building is equipped with security cameras. These cameras typically monitor activity in hallways, entryways and exterior areas, such as parking lots and the outsides of main entrances.

A building with security cameras will automatically provide a higher level of security and, as a renter, confidence in your safety. When asking about security cameras, also inquire as to whether security personnel monitor these cameras at all times or just check them occasionally or after emergencies occur.

Are Security Measures In Place?

Security measures should be in place at the apartment community in case of emergency or suspicious behavior.

When you inquire about security measures, ask about the credentials of the people in charge of security. Do they have sufficient training? How do they handle surveillance and how do they respond to problems?

At Stoneledge we have an on-site property manager and maintenance staff that are constantly monitoring the property and respond immediately to any security concerns that may arise. Our residents also play a key role in monitoring the community and reporting any suspicious behavior to the management staff immediately.

Who Is the Building’s Emergency Contact?

You should also identify individuals to contact if you notice security issues within the building or complex. Often, it’s a landlord or a property management company in charge of security issues. Keep current emergency contact information on hand, as it will help you in the event that you see activity threatening tenants’ safety.

There should always be someone that you can contact day or night. If there isn’t, it may be wise to look for a more security-conscious apartment building or complex. Stoneledge has a 24/7 maintenance/emergency line that you can contact after hours, of course we always recommend you call 911 first in the event of a dangerous situation.

Is Lighting Adequate to Ensure Safety?

Often, apartment tours happen during daytime hours, which means you won’t get a sense of whether or not the building (or complex) features adequate lighting. Lighting is essential to tenant safety and this lighting should be present in hallways, parking lots and entryways.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

A good landlord or property manager will be more than happy to detail the security features of the building or complex. Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions! It’s smart to get the answers that you need before you sign a lease.

When you finally find a location that makes sense financially and makes you feel safe, you’ll feel much more confident about your choice.

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