The Advantages to Living in an Apartment

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Where you live can have a dramatic impact on your lifestyle and your budget. Right now, you might be deciding whether to buy a house or live in an apartment. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite reasons living in an apartment can be great for people of all ages, incomes and lifestyles.

Maintenance-Free Living

One of the best parts about living in an apartment is the fact that you’re not responsible for the major maintenance required. Sure, you might change a lightbulb and have to replace the batteries in the smoke detectors, but you don’t have to worry about fixing the roof, the plumbing, the electricity, or the HVAC.

These are the responsibilities of your property manager, landlord, or whoever owns the building or complex you live in. By informing your landlord of any issues you see occurring, you can feel confident that the situation will get addressed.

But this doesn’t just help out when problems like leaks or broken appliances occur. Property managers are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the building(s) they own, handling everything from cosmetic upkeep to landscaping, regular appliance maintenance and updates as necessary.


When living in an apartment complex, you have two kinds of security available to you. One is the security provided by the property managers themselves, who have systems in place to ensure their tenants are safe and their property is protected from theft and damage. These security systems may include monitoring the people that enter and exit buildings, or even the cars that are allowed to park in the tenant parking lot. Property managers need these security systems to make sure their tenants feel comfortable living in their homes. With all of these systems in place, a luxury apartment community is a safe and secure place for you and all of your family members to reside.

There’s another kind of security, as well, although less official. Living in an apartment complex surrounded by neighbors helps provide a sense of community. There are more eyes looking out for things that don’t seem quite right and need to be pointed out to the property manager.

Both of these allow for you to feel safe, even if you have to travel away from your home for a few weeks. People are looking out for your property!

Budget Predictability

Another nice thing about living in an apartment is the predictability of expenses. Your monthly rent will not change month-to-month, but rather only possibly when your lease is up for renewal. Your utilities costs may fluctuate from month to month, but you won’t have to worry about surprise repair costs when the refrigerator breaks down or the pipes freeze in the winter. At Stoneledge Terrace, your cable and internet are already included in your rent, so you won’t even need to worry about the fluctuating costs that occur when you have to negotiate with the local cable company.


Of course, the greatest part of apartment living is the flexibility it offers you should your life circumstances change. Maybe you get a new job and you have to move to another city, or your family grows (congratulations!) and you have to move to a bigger space. Moving out of an apartment at the end of a lease, or working with your landlord should your contract need to end early, can be much less difficult and less expensive than the cost to sell a house.

At Stoneledge Terrace we take pride in making your apartment living experience as comfortable and carefree as possible. Schedule an appointment today and see how great apartment living can be!