The Stork Has Arrived! Tips for Raising a Baby in an Apartment

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Congratulations! Whether you’re a new parent, an experienced parent, or still expecting, planning for your new child is an incredible process. So much goes into this kind of planning, especially if you live in an apartment. But worry not! This post will guide you through the different things you need to consider when figuring out if your apartment is the right space to raise your baby.

Space & Size

First look around. Do you have ample space for a little one to crawl, walk, and eventually run around? While you can’t expand your apartment’s size, you might want to consider moving your furniture into a new layout that allows for more space in your apartment – or maybe you’ll decide to replace old furniture with newer, more functional pieces. Everything changes with a baby, so why not reflect that change in your apartment’s design?


While you’re addressing the furniture in your apartment, you should consider choosing baby-proof furniture, as well as baby-proofing your entire home.

What does that mean? Baby-proofing means making sure that anything in your home that may pose some kind of threat to your baby is no longer an issue. This includes making sure sharp objects and household items not safe for children are out of reach, that all furniture is stable and secure, any carpets aren’t fraying, drapery and blind cords are tied up and kept out of reach, electrical outlets are closed with safety plugs, there’s padding on any sharp corners, and more.

Babies are magnets for hazardous situations because of their ever-growing curiosity about the world. Instead of locking your baby away, allow them a safe space to explore within the confines of your apartment and under your direct supervision.


You can’t be everywhere at once, and your baby will eventually become a toddler looking to venture into the world outside your apartment. Take a look at your location. Where are the nearest parks? Is the neighborhood a good place to take your baby on a walk around the block? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when planning for a new child. Your apartment building should be kept clean and organized, with no trash or spare materials laying around. While you can’t baby-proof every place your baby is going to encounter, take advantage of what you do have control over. At Stoneledge Terrace you can rest assured that the grounds will always be kept immaculate and there is plenty of space for children to play outside.

Chat with Neighbors

You should also let your neighbors know what to expect. These are the people who your baby is going to grow up around and they would probably appreciate the heads up. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a babysitter in your building in case you want to take a night off!

Now that your neighbors are aware of the baby, they can practice caution when going about their business in the building. You should especially talk to the neighbors who live directly near your apartment. If they know you have a baby, they will hopefully be considerate with loud sounds and music at late hours, and will also be more understanding when your little one makes noise as well.

You’ll want to take steps towards soundproofing your own apartment because babies cry loudly and often. There are sound blockers and soundproofing materials you can purchase to help contain loud noises. Your neighbors will be very appreciative of this extra measure and will likely respect your boundaries in return.

Having a baby in an apartment may seem difficult at first, but it also offers you a number of benefits, including predictable living expenses and no need to deal with any maintenance issues. You have enough to be responsible for when a baby arrives!

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