Tips for People Living in an Apartment for the First Time

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Welcome to the exciting world of apartment living! An apartment is the perfect way to have your own space without the commitment and upkeep of a house, but there’s still some important things that go into living in an apartment that are essential to understand. With the thrill of having your own apartment, it can be easy to forget the simple things that you should do to enhance your living experience. In today’s article, we cover some tips for if you’re living in an apartment for the first time.

Take Photos of the Apartment When You First Move In

Often times, your first apartment may not be perfect. But it’s the imperfections that give your apartment character. However, when it comes time to leave, your landlord is probably not going to believe that it was always that way. Take photos of every room when you first begin living there so you have verifiable proof of the condition of the apartment on the day you moved in. If your landlord knows his or her property well, you probably won’t need these photos (at Stoneledge Terrace Apartments, we pay close attention), but it’s always better safe than sorry. And now you have pictures to look back on for the memories of the day you moved into your first apartment!

Keep Track of Maintenance Issues

It’s also good practice to tackle every issue you see head on. Let your landlord know about any maintenance issues and plan to have them fixed. Don’t be afraid to talk to your landlord about any issue that arises. That’s what they’re there for! As you do so, be diligent and keep track of every time you address an issue with your landlord and every time a repair is made or an issue is resolved. This practice will eliminate any miscommunications or confusion in the future, and you will be so glad you did. At Stoneledge Terrace Apartments, you can submit these maintenance request online through your Tenant Portal. That way you have a record of any maintenance issues that needed to be addressed and when they were completed.

Get Renter’s Insurance

Renter’s insurance is an amazing option for people who live in apartments. Different insurance plans can cover not only theft but also damages and personal liability. So worst case scenario – if your apartment floods or there is a fire, your insurance has your back! It’s incredibly important to get renter’s insurance. There is no such thing as being too careful! At Stoneledge Terrace every resident is required to have Renter’s Insurance to protect them from unexpected accidents and damages to the apartment that are out of their control.

Pay Your Rent Early

Ever hear the expression “Early is on time, on time is late, late is unacceptable”? Try to live by this principle when it comes to paying your rent. Getting into this habit will only benefit you further down the line as your landlord comes to have a certain expectation about when he or she will be receiving your rent. This will have a huge effect on your relationship with your landlord, too, besides impacting your credit. Give it a try! You can use your online Tenant Portal at Stoneledge Terrace to quickly and easily pay rent online with an E-Check or Credit Card.

These tips are just some of the basics to consider when you move into an apartment for the first time. Make sure you read the lease closely, understand your responsibilities, and know how you can get in touch with your landlord or property manager as soon as you need. A luxury apartment experience will certainly make this transition into apartment living easy, but it’s always good to be extra prepared!