Tips To Make Visitors Feel Comfortable In Your Apartment

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If you’ve ever had visitors over for a holiday dinner party, a poker night, or for overnight visits, then you’ll know how crucial it is to keep your guests as comfortable as possible.

Every host and every home face their own unique set of challenges. For all of those soon-to-be hosts out there, here are some helpful tips to make visitors feel comfortable in your apartment.

Maximize Space

When you know guests are going to be in town, make sure to store items that don’t necessarily need to be out on display or in the way. Having a spacious living quarter for your guests make them feel non-claustrophobic and relaxed. Make sure you don’t have an abundance of items around them, such as items on nightstands or belongings on otherwise available seats. Efforts such as these allow guests to feel free to make the area their own.

You want your guests to feel at home, and by allowing them a place to house their own items, you create a more pleasant atmosphere for them to stay in.

Plan for Guest Meals

What do the people coming to stay like? What are their preferences? It’s always very comforting when someone knows what you like and takes the time to provide it for you, but there’s also a more practical side to catering to people’s tastes.
Food is an important factor that can make or break their experience. You don’t want people feeling uncomfortable with eating certain things, walking away disgruntled by having to eat something they distaste. Many people also have certain foods that they cannot eat for a variety of personal reasons: some due to allergies and others due to dietary reasons or religious values. Take note of this.

What will the seating be like? Do some guests require special seating due to injuries or ailments that prevent them from sitting for long periods of time in certain kinds of seating arrangements? These questions need to be solved prior to the guests’ arrival to prepare a practical and comfortable seating layout.

Give Your Guests Privacy

Nobody likes to be “on” and talking at every waking moment, so ensure that your guests are given their privacy.

Reading spaces, shutters on blinds, or dividers in rooms are all sufficient means to satisfy one’s desire for privacy, and even a planned showering schedule — although it’ll seem a bit controlling at first — can be a great way to ensure people are not bumping into each other and feeling inconvenienced.


Of course, nobody likes a messy, unclean house for their guests to stumble into, right? While this one may seem as a no-brainer to most, it’s an important reminder. As you tackle clutter in your apartment, you’ll also want to make sure that all of the germ-filled areas of your home – think kitchen counters, surfaces in the bathroom, door handles – are clean and sanitary. Clean anywhere that dust collects, and empty all garbage cans prior to your guests’ arrival.

Make Sure They Are Comfortable!

Are they going to stay the night? If so, are they going to have a comfortable sleep? The rule of thumb is that blankets and pillows must always be provided. Towels for showering are nice to have, too. At all times of their stay, you have to be on the ball. Ensuring your guests’ comfort is the number one priority. Whether you’re providing fresh towels, stocking up on coffee even if you’re a tea drinker, or even rising at a later hour to not wake your guests, these efforts will ensure your guests enjoy their stay at your apartment and will come visit again soon!